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Putseweg 74

€ 1.589.000 k.k.
Putseweg 74, Hoogerheide foto-0
Putseweg 74, Hoogerheide foto-1
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Plot surface
6.561 m²
Living surface
393 m²
1.222 m³


Authentic country house with an American allure

‘A country house with the allure of an American villa’. This is how the house was described in the TV programme BinnensteBuiten. The current owners designed and built this home with love. The result is a beautiful and unique mix of style, atmosphere and elegance. Step inside and experience a perfect balance between authenticity and modern comfort. At only fifteen minutes from the centre of Bergen op Zoom and half an hour's drive from bustling Antwerp.

Living with sturdy, natural materials and handsome details
An impressive driveway takes us past an idyllic pond with a jetty to the front of this country house. The thatched white turret and the special oak cladding with afromosia window frames – a type of African teak that weathers to grey when exposed to the elements – are absolute eye-catchers. Your first glance of the hall will show you that the authentic exterior has been continued inside. The home is full of sturdy natural materials and wonderful details. From the Belgian hard stone tiled floor to the lime-washed walls. And from the oak beams to the Ijssel bricks by the fire. These are bricks that have been salvaged from an old castle. The cosy living room is situated in the house's round turret and offers a wonderful view of the garden. Open the sliding doors and enjoy being outdoors. Features of the living room include the high ceiling, the oak mezzanine ceiling and the wood-burning fireplace.

Huge kitchen at the heart of the home
The somewhat hidden dining area is a great place to eat. Step through the authentic Chinese doors and enter the kitchen. A space that the current owners describe as the heart of the home. The kitchen has built-in oak cabinetry and a large island containing even more storage space. The cabinets house a large double fridge and the double freezers. A detail that particularly stands out is the old cow trough, now used as a sink. A large 6-burner Boretti gas range stands in a wall of cooking appliances. There are other cooking appliances here too. Including a built-in deep fryer and oven. The home automation system is operated from the kitchen too. This system controls the whole house, from the cameras and lighting to the temperature in every room.

Utility room and garage with pantry for plenty of extra storage
The hall adjacent to the kitchen gives access to a toilet, the meter cabinet, the double garage and the utility room. The utility room is fitted with cabinets and plumbing for the washing machine and dryer and the water softener. It also contains a sink and a countertop. The garage has two electric sliding doors to the drive, built-in cupboards and a pantry.

First floor with two bedrooms and entrance to the turret room
Back in the hall, take the staircase to the first floor and turn left towards the mezzanine. You'll find yourself in the turret room: a unique, spacious bedroom beneath the structure of the roof. Look upwards and admire the construction. This was cut and built by hand by the current owners. Unique! Look behind you at the mezzanine and – providing you are not scared of heights – downwards at the living room. And through the windows on the far side with a view out on to the eye-catching garden. A little further on, you'll walk past a workspace on your way to the second landing. A separate toilet, a bathroom and two bedrooms have been created here. The master bedroom is a Master Bedroom worthy of a capital ‘M’. The bedroom is very spacious, light, comfortable and attractive. Features of this room are the height of the roof, the sloping walls and the built-in oak wardrobes. Install yourself on the window seat by the large dormer window and enjoy the view from the front of the house. The deluxe bathroom has a two-person bathtub, a walk-in shower (with both a rain shower and a hand-held shower) and a vanity unit with two basins. What's particularly striking here is the special waterproof plasterwork, known as tadelakt, which means to ‘massage’ or ‘burnish’ in Berber.

Pool house with ‘wellness centre’ and wine cellar
Walk along the passage that links the living quarters to the pool house. This is the place to escape everyday pressures. The fireplace invites you to relax by a crackling fire. And open the sliding doors and take a dip in the pool. On the floor below, you'll find the cellar, ‘our wellness centre’, as the current residents call it. After an invigorating workout, you will truly enjoy the sauna. Followed by a treat from the air-conditioned wine cellar where the wine is stored by vintage. You can cool off from the sauna in the separate shower room with a basin and bucket shower. A nice thing about this space is that it has its own courtyard. This provides it with lots of daylight while also maintaining privacy. On the first floor there's another spacious bedroom where guests can sleep over in style and comfort. Thanks to two large windows, this room is nice and light, and the sturdy beams provide the room with extra charm.

Beautiful 7,000 m² garden with a number of barns
Walk into the large garden from the cellar. It is almost 7,000 square metres in surface area. A garden with various terraces, a lawn, a natural pond, established trees and plants and all sorts of possibilities for relaxing. In the heated swimming pool (11 metres long and 1.5 metres deep) with an outdoor shower, for example. Or on the bowling green in the shade of the plane trees. There are various barns at the back of the garden. Two are interconnected. These barns provide many possibilities for development. They could be turned into staff accommodation, for example. We are happy to show you the possibilities. There is a further spacious barn about 5 metres high with a three-metre-high rolling door. Plenty of space to park a camping car or have a workshop.

General information:
• The house has afromosia hardwood window frames and HR++ insulating glass;
• The house has concrete floors at ground floor and basement level but not upstairs. The upstairs floors are wood;
• The pool house walls are brick to approx. 0.5 metres in height with a timber construction above. The exterior has oak cladding which requires little maintenance;
• The ground floor has a natural stone floor; The first floor has wooden floors;
• The ground floor is has underfloor heating. The first floor has convector heaters;
• There are 40 solar panels;
• The house has an extensive home automation system with which curtains, lighting, music, heating and the alarm system can be controlled remotely;
• The house has mechanical ventilation and a central vacuuming system;
• It would be possible to use it as a Bed and Breakfast;
• Schools, sports facilities, etc. are close at hand;
• Easy access to major roads, including ones to Belgium;
• Breda airport is a short distance away.

Hoogerheide is a lovely village in the province of North Brabant with a population of about 9,000. The village has a rich history and various amenities to make life easy. The village, located to the west of Woensdrecht, is next to the Belgian border. This means it offers the advantages of both Dutch and Belgian life. Hoogerheide has several primary schools, a library, sports clubs and a swimming pool. There is a secondary school just outside the village. There are all sorts of shops, supermarkets, restaurants and cafés in the centre of the village. The countryside around Hoogerheide is a real plus point. It is located on the edge of the beautiful, wooden Brabantse Wal area, a real paradise for walkers and cyclists. In addition to the beautiful nearby countryside nearby, its various facilities and rich history, the village is also known for its world-famous cyclo-cross race. The ‘Adrie van der Poel Grand Prix’, is named after the former cyclist who was born in the village. The event attracts thousands of visitors every year from the Netherlands and abroad.

Conditions of sale:
NEN2580 Measurement Guidelines
The Measurement Guidelines are based on the NEN2580. The Measurement Guidelines are intended to provide a more uniform method of taking measurements in order to give an indication of the usable area. The Measurement Guidelines do not fully rule out any discrepancies in measurement results, due to differences in interpretation, or rounding off, or limitations in the carrying out of measurements, for instance. The basic premise is always "what you see is what you buy" and the object information has a lower priority.

The purchase agreement is only legally valid after it has been signed
A verbal agreement between the private seller and private buyer is not legally binding. This means that there is only a legally valid purchase once the private seller and private buyer have signed the purchase agreement. This stems from Article 7:2 of the Dutch Civil Code. A confirmation of the verbal agreement by email or a forwarded draft of the purchase agreement is also not considered a legally valid agreement.

Security deposit or bank guarantee
As Agnes Tomesen Makelaardij is affiliated with the NVM, use is made of the purchase agreement model as formulated by the NVM, VBO, the Dutch Consumers' Association (Consumentenbond) and the Vereniging Eigen Huis (Homeowners’ Association). Included as standard in this deed of sale is a security deposit or a bank guarantee amounting to 10% of the purchase price.

Sales documentation
This documentation has been carefully prepared by us, however, as a rule we are largely dependent on third parties for the accuracy of the information provided and therefore neither the seller nor we accept any liability.

In conclusion:
We appreciate that you are taking the trouble to read through the information about this property. If you wish to view the home, you are, of course, welcome to do so. Then we will show you around the house as it is currently furnished and laid out. The tour will take you through the present situation, but you may have other ideas. We are more than happy to listen to these. And we will talk to you about what you can do with the rooms and the layout so that they can be put to a new use that suits you. A lot can be achieved with limited means. This is something we are keen to make clear during the viewing.
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€ 1.589.000 k.k.
In consultation


House type
Villa, Detached house
Build type
Build year
Maintenance inside
Maintenance outside

Surface and volume

Living surface
393 m²
Plot surface
6.561 m²
Other surface
53 m²
1.222 m³




Energy label
Roof insulation, Wall insulation, Floor insulation, Fully isolated
Hot water
Central heating
Central heating, Fireplace, Partial heated floor
Atag (2008, Combined furnace, Owned)

Exterior areas

Garden all round
Free standing, stone
Shed facilities
electricity, heating, water


Garage type
44 m², 589×752
electric door, electricity, water


• Alarm
• Skyline
• Domotics
• Mechanical ventilation
• Sauna
• Solar panel
• Swimming pool


Putseweg 74, 4631 CP Hoogerheide

• Sheltered location
• Clear view

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Floor plans

Putseweg 74, Hoogerheide plattegrond-0
Putseweg 74, Hoogerheide plattegrond-1
Putseweg 74, Hoogerheide plattegrond-2
Putseweg 74, Hoogerheide plattegrond-3
Putseweg 74, Hoogerheide plattegrond-4
Putseweg 74, Hoogerheide plattegrond-5


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Tim Stassen
Your Qualis-broker
Tim Stassen
Agnes Tomesen Makelaardij
Bredaseweg 53
4872 LA Etten-Leur
+31 (0)76-526 99 73

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