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Qualis presents your home to a worldwide target group based in over 60 countries. These potential buyers are located worldwide, from London to New York and from Paris to Tokyo.

I want to sell my house worldwide

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Your Qualis agency presents your home exquisitely to the suitable target group within the Netherlands. That is great, but many Dutch dwellings can also be attractive for buyers living abroad. That is why we also present your home on international networks and international websites. This allows you to reach millions of potential buyers in over 60 countries.

Sell my house worldwide


Increase the visibility of your home

The Netherlands is increasingly popular with buyers from across the border. In large cities as well as smaller cities. More and more people from abroad are searching for a home in the higher segment in our country. Qualis offers you an international platform where you can increase your home's visibility. This increases the chances of a successful sale without effort and hassle!





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