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Eric Hahn
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Eric Hahn
Makelaars@Work, Haarlem
Nieuwe Gracht 3,
2011 NB Haarlem
+31 (0)23-553 09 99

How does Qualis sell within
the higher segment?

1. Consultation
2. Value and supply analysis
3. Indicative valuation
4. Discuss the marketing strategy
5. Choose between private or active sales
6. Expected sales time

Qualis, real estate agents within the higher segment

In the municipalities of Bloemendaal, Haarlem, Heemstede and Zandvoort, you will find many homes within the higher price range. Different rules apply to these houses' buying and selling processes, compared to a semi-detached home. 

The specialist in your region
Qualis real estate agency Makalaars@Work knows and understands Zuid-Kennemerland's housing market like no other. They also know what else is involved on a financial, legal and fiscal level. 

An extensive network is essential.
Offering a home on Funda and placing a sign in the garden is simply insufficient when selling houses in the higher segment. Our market knowledge and experience, combined with the national network of 50 collaborating Qualis real estate agents, allows us to access 50 databases with search queries. Information and market developments are exchanged rapidly, so we stay up-to-date.

Reach your group of potential buyers
However, the combination of local specialism and national reach alone is not enough. Makelaars@Work benefits from the unique and powerful marketing campaigns of Qualis. These marketing campaigns are conducted to find and reach relevant and potential home seekers. This also includes people who do not know yet that they want to move.

Where is your buyer?
Our marketing techniques range from radio commercials to advertisements in newspapers, from the intelligent Google Adwords campaigns to InStream campaigns on Youtube. Not to forget, we will also mention your home in our Qualis Magazine, which reaches at least 24.000 addresses, four times a year,  in the higher segment. In addition, we also place your home on 90 International housing sites for international traffic, which have millions of visitors per year.

Guaranteed privacy
Qualis Private Sales is a good choice for you if you wish to sell your home peacefully and privately. We are in contact with sellers and potential buyers who orient themselves within the higher segment. Qualis real estate agents are discreetly bringing supply and demand together.






Why should you choose Qualis as your real estate agency?

  • Local specialism combined with a national and international network
  • Effective marketing strategy 
  • Specialised in the middle and higher segment
  • Large base of search queries
  • Worldwide attention for your home
  • Private sales as a possible sales tactic

Would you like to increase your chances of a faster sale at an optimal price?

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Living in a special region

Zuid-Kennemerland is a region that appeals to many. Places such as Bloemendaal, Aerdenhout, Heemstede, Haarlem and Zandvoort are the richest in the Netherlands. The area has a great attraction for people who want to live extraordinarily.

Unique location

Zuid-Kennemerland is partly located on the beach with modern beach pavilions and dunes. The region is characterised by chic and luxurious villas and country houses. In Haarlem, the capital of North Holland, there is always something to do. This monumental city guarantees a beautiful day of shopping with Amsterdam located nearby. Also, Zuid-Kennemerland is very popular with Expats. 

Beautiful nature

Between the North Sea coast and Haarlem, from Zandvoort to IJmuiden, you will find the landscape of the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park. This lovely area is located between the ‘Randstad’ and the North Sea beach. An ideal place to live!

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