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  • Do you have questions, or would you like advice about selling your home within the higher segment? Contact the Qualis real estate agency near you. View the contact details in the overview of the Qualis real estate agencies. Don’t have a Qualis real estate agency in your area? Please contact Qualis on +31 (0)416 - 315 501 or send an email to
  • Do you have questions about a property shown on the website, or would you like a viewing? Please contact the Qualis real estate agency mentioned with the concerning property.
  • My house is for sale with a different real estate agency than Qualis. Can I use the Qualis services and marketing? No, the service provided by Qualis is exclusively for Qualis real estate agents and their customers.

  • I own or am searching for a house in, for example, Spain. Is Qualis able to help me? The Qualis network extends beyond the Dutch border. For advice from us or one of our international contacts, please contact Qualis on +31 (0)416 - 315 501 or email

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5151 DL Drunen
Phone +31 (0)416-315 501
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