TErms of use

General Terms and Conditions of Qualis BV, established in Drunen, registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Central Brabant under number 17152335, insofar as they relate to the use – in the broadest sense of the word – of the internet site www.qualis.nl .


In these general terms and conditions, the following definitions apply:
Internet site: the Internet site www.qualis.nl.
Qualis: the operator of the internet site.
User: a user of the internet site.
Seller: a user who offers immovable property for sale on the internet site.
Advertiser: a user who has submitted an advertisement to Qualis for placement on the website.
By visiting the website, a user agrees to the terms and conditions of Qualis.
A reference by a user to its own general terms and conditions is expressly rejected by Qualis.
The nullity and/or nullity of any provision of these terms and conditions does not affect the validity of the other provisions of these terms and conditions. Void or voided provisions will be converted into valid provisions, whereby the purpose and intent of the original provisions will be taken into account as much as possible.
3. USE
Qualis enables users to view the range of real estate available on the internet site and furthermore offers users/sellers the opportunity to offer real estate for sale on its internet site.
The seller is responsible for the sale of an immovable property offered for sale.
Qualis only tries to bring sellers and buyers together. Qualis is not involved in negotiations and/or transactions between buyers and sellers. Qualis is not a party to an agreement concluded between a seller and a buyer by using the internet site, unless Qualis itself offers immovable property for sale on the internet site.
Qualis cannot control the correctness (and/or completeness) of the offers and/or the authority of sellers/buyers to sell/buy real estate.
The user is aware of the cookie policy used by the website.


Every user/advertiser/seller of the internet site must act and behave as may be expected of a careful internet user.
Qualis reserves the right to remove information from the website without prior notice. Furthermore, Qualis reserves the right to refuse the user/advertiser/seller - without stating reasons - access to the internet site.
Qualis does not accept any liability for any non-availability/inaccessibility of the internet site.
Furthermore, Qualis is not responsible/liable for the content (and/or completeness) of its website, nor of internet sites that are connected in any way with the Qualis internet site. Qualis is also not liable for damage, arising or related to the use of material available on the internet site.
Qualis' liability is in any case limited to the direct damage of a user/advertiser/seller and then to a maximum of the amount that Qualis
user/advertiser/seller has charged or will charge for the use and/or posting of advertisements/real estate of the internet site.
Qualis is never liable for indirect damage of a user/advertiser/seller, including consequential damage and loss of profit.
The user/advertiser/seller indemnifies Qualis and its subordinates against all damage as a result of claims from third parties which are directly or indirectly, indirectly or immediately related to the use of the internet site.
An advertisement will - after payment of the agreed amount - be placed by Qualis on the website for an agreed period. When selling an immovable property, the seller will remove the offered immovable property himself. A house that has been sold remains on the internet site for a maximum of one year, after which the house automatically disappears from the internet site, but remains findable for search engines.
If a user/advertiser/seller does not fulfill one or more of its obligations, does not fulfill it in good time or does not properly fulfill it, is declared bankrupt, applies for a (provisional) suspension of payments, proceeds to liquidation of its company, as well as if of its attachment, Qualis has the right to suspend the performance of the service or to dissolve the agreement in whole or in part without prior notice of default by means of a written statement, all this at its discretion.