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Are you planning on selling your home? For a successful sale, being mentioned on Funda is not enough. The Qualis real estate agent specialises in expertise and an excellent marketing mix, which are essential.

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Selling through Qualis


Expertise in the higher segment


Knowledge of the local market


Regional, nationwide and international reach


Large base of home searchers


Able to view potential buyers


Effective marketing strategies


Private sales as selling tactics

The power of selling

Uw woning in beeld

Showcasing your home

Houses within a higher price range have different rules than, for example, a semi-detached house. Potential buyers are not always actively searching, as they are currently living ideally but ‘maybe someday’. We know how to reach this target group and tempt them to take action. In the Netherlands and (far) beyond with all the necessary tools. From our own magazines and radio advertisements and from Google Ads and social media to video and email marketing.


Powerful and collective

By choosing Qualis, you benefit from the combined power of 50 real estate agents. You can access 50 databases with search queries. Information and market developments are exchanged regularly, so we can keep ourselves up-to-date. Financially, legally and fiscally, specific points are more complex than an average semi-detached house. From your Qualis real estate agent, you can expect particular knowledge and advice on a certain level.

Qualis Magazine

Qualis Magazine

The Qualis Magazine consists of the latest interior, design, art, travel, and the finest culinary trends. In addition, this is the magazine that contains exclusive listings of all of the Qualis real estate agencies. The Qualis Magazine reaches 24,000 handpicked addresses of houses in the higher segment.

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Qualis Gallery

Qualis Gallery

The exclusive listings of all of the Qualis real estate agencies are gathered in the Qualis Gallery. All 12,000 receivers of the magazine are most definitely interested in moving houses at short notice. ‘First sell, then buy’ is the motto of many homeowners in the higher segment.

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The latest trends in interior, design, travel and the finest culinary Read the e-Magazine