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About Qualis

Real estate agents with truly added value.

Qualis real estate agents combine their knowledge, strength and network to connect buyers and sellers. This increases your chances to reach an excellent result in sales.

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About Qualis

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Real estate agents with truly added value

Qualis is the national network that consists of 50 independent real estate agencies that are specialised in the purchase and sale of the higher segment. All real estate agents have a strong position and excellent reputation.

Qualis real estate agents combine their knowledge, strength and network to connect buyers and sellers. Our unique marketing strategy increases our effectiveness in the Netherlands and abroad. This also increases your chances of optimal sales results.

Buying or selling a home within the higher segment requires a specialist's approach. You can count on specific knowledge and advice at a certain level. Also, personal involvement within our high-end service goes unspoken on a financial, legal or fiscal level.

Qualis, powerful and collective for the past 20 years.

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