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We guide you expertly to your new home. So that you can look forward to the next step in your housing career without any worries.

care free purchasing

Een verstandige investering

a wise investment

Have you set your eye on your dream home or does the search seem to take forever? Or maybe you are in the orientation phase...

Qualis is your trusted partner for the purchase of a home. We understand that buying a property is an important, emotional decision that involves a lot of money.

We are familiar with all the ins and outs of the high-end housing market. This way we know what a home is really worth. Our goal is to unburden you completely so that your investment is a wise choice that you can enjoy for a long time to come.

care free purchasing

Van zoektocht naar sleuteloverdacht

from search to key handover

You can count on a personal service that meets your needs. We accompany you through the entire purchasing process; from search, to viewings and price negotiation to handing over the keys. Qualis estate agents offer a wide range of services. This includes appraisals, construction inspections and financial and legal advice. We know exactly what to look out for when purchasing a home.

This way you are assured of reliable and transparent guidance. Thanks to our powerful network, consisting of 50 real estate agencies specialised in the higher segment, we know what is and will be for sale. The houses with a sign in the garden and the objects that are in private sale.

care free purchasing

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