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Veilingweg 14

€ 895.000 k.k.
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Plot surface
2.510 m²
Living surface
258 m²
980 m³
Veilingweg 14 has successfully been sold by Agnes Tomesen Makelaardij

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House with park-like garden near Breda and nature reserves

Oudenbosch is the village of 'The Basilica'. It is a village with character and a rich history. At the same time, it serves as a wonderful base for those working in Breda, Rotterdam and Antwerp. Come home to this lovely, detached family house after a busy day's work! The house has a beautiful garden featuring a pool, four bedrooms and several multi-purpose rooms.

The property is situated on a quiet cul-de-sac
Those familiar with Oudenbosch and the surrounding area know Bosschendijk. This dyke is a lively street, only a stone's throw from the railway station, and flanked by many detached houses. Veilingweg is one of the side streets. A dead-end street, in fact. Driving down this quiet street, you'll come across a contracting firm, a notary's office and a handful of stylish detached houses on generous plots. You can find this fine property at number 14. While walking through the ornate entrance gate into the garden, the villa is a sight to behold. The front garden is beautifully designed and impeccably landscaped. The villa's glazed tiles, ornate overhangs and chimney cap give it a classic touch. In contrast, the windows with their glazing bars and the white panel finish give the house a more rural look.

The bright living room features sliding doors to the garden
The mix of styles is striking when entering the hall. For example, the classic wooden staircase contrasts beautifully with the modern white stucco walls. The brickwork is very characteristic of the house. Indeed, it is present in every room. For example, in the form of an arch, a fireplace or a niche. A remarkable detail of the house are the windows with glazing bars. Not only do they contribute to a classic, rustic look; they also provide lots of light. From the hall, we enter the living room. The sunlight shines inside beautifully here. So much sunlight makes you instantly happy, doesn't it? The sliding doors are the first thing to catch the eye. Can you imagine yourself sitting here? On a beautiful spring or summer day, how delightful it would be with the doors open and the soft babbling of the waterfall in the pond in the background. Outside with a gentle breeze and the smell of freshly cut grass. Or inside while your gaze falls on a blackbird drinking from the pond. To plop down comfortably on the sofa in front of the fireplace at the end of the day. The wood in the niche is for decorative effect, as the fireplace is fuelled by gas.

Classic open kitchen and two multi-purpose rooms
The brick arch creates a visual separation between the living room and kitchen. So much space! Although the kitchen may initially appear somewhat classic, it has been sustainably modernised over the years. The classic cupboard doors are in white lacquer and fitted with modern handles, there's a timeless granite worktop and the kitchen is fully equipped with Siemens appliances and a Pelgrim extractor hood. Open the back door and take a seat on the covered terrace. If you walk one door further in the kitchen, you'll find yourself in the house's 'second hall', so to speak. As there is a separate entrance here, the study located nearby is very suited to being a home office, for example. Or alternatively, you could convert the space into an extra bedroom. The possibilities are endless. The same is true for the more than spacious garage. Two cars will fit easily here, but that's not all. Downstairs there's a laundry sink and washing machine and upstairs a surprisingly large bedroom. A very nice space for, say, older children or family or friends from afar who like to stay over.

First floor with four bedrooms and modern bathroom
There is no arguing about taste. You either love the staircase in the hall, or you don't. However, the fact is that this wooden specimen is a handsome piece of craftsmanship. Craftsmanship that the current residents knew how to appreciate and have lovingly preserved. On the first floor we discover four spacious bedrooms. One is currently used as a walk-in wardrobe. Here you will also find a loft ladder for accessing the storage attic (full width of the house and at standing height). Like downstairs, the amount of daylight upstairs is also impressive. A delight to wake up to. On this floor, too, we find the characteristic brick walls. Furthermore, the windows have glazing bars giving them character. Another nice touch is that two bedrooms have built-in wardrobes. Just in case the walk-in wardrobe is not enough. Step into the bathroom and let yourself be enveloped by a true wellness feeling. From large tiles in warm tones and a wood-look wall unit with basins to a rain shower and a freestanding bathtub. It all contributes to making the bathroom the number one place to relax.

Park-like garden with swimming pool and several terraces
The garden is the proverbial icing on the cake with privacy being the key word. Step outside, take a seat on the decking and enjoy watching the fish glide through the water in the sunshine. All with the soothing sound of the waterfall in the background. The garden has several terraces: one by the living room's sliding doors and two covered ones. You can also sit and relax next to the approx. 11 by 7 metre-sized swimming pool. Indeed, the garden offers something for everyone. It is carefully landscaped and the terraces, pool and pond area consist of a nice variety of paving, lawn, trees and shrubs.

General information:
• The house is fully insulated and fitted with floor, wall and roof insulation;
• The house has concrete floors, with the exception of the 2nd floor to the storage attic (wood);
• The property has wooden window frames with double glazing;
• The house is air-conditioned;
• There are 31 solar panels installed (2019);
• An alarm system has been installed;
• The front door, 1 back door and 1 garage door are equipped with smart locks;
• The ground floor has underfloor heating, except for the garage;
• The ground floor is tiled;
• The 1st floor has PVC flooring, except for 1 bedroom (carpeted floor);
• An electric awning is attached to the rear of the house;
• The property is located a short distance from the centre of Oudenbosch, with several shops, schools and the harbour;
• This property has been structurally inspected, the report of which can be requested from our office.

Welcome to the Catholic south of yesteryear. Oudenbosch houses the town hall of the municipality of Halderberge, of which the village is a part. With 12,000 inhabitants, the place is particularly known for the large basilica with elements of the famous St Peter's in Rome. Prosperity initially came about through the privileges of 'the glory of Bergen op Zoom' and through the ferry service to the trading city of Dordrecht. Later, the sugar factories and breweries brought life to the village. The wider area is now characterised by agriculture and thanks its natural beauty to the river Dintel, the Sint Maartenspolder and the Hoevense Beemden.

Transport is well organised in Oudenbosch: there is a ring road that connects the village to the A17. The A58 and A59 are also close by. Oudenbosch also has a train station with connections to Breda and Roosendaal. The well-known Rosada Fashion Outlet is a 15-minute drive away. Its central location in relation to cities such as Breda, Rotterdam and Antwerp make Oudenbosch an attractive place to live and work.

Of course Oudenbosch also has its own shopping facilities, schools and catering. It's worth exploring the village!

Conditions of sale:
NEN2580 Measurement Guidelines
The Measurement Guidelines are based on the NEN2580. The Measurement Guidelines are intended to provide a more uniform method of taking measurements in order to give an indication of the usable area. The Measurement Guidelines do not fully rule out any discrepancies in measurement results, due to differences in interpretation, or rounding off, or limitations in the carrying out of measurements, for instance. The basic premise is always "what you see is what you buy" and the object information has a lower priority.

The purchase agreement is only legally valid after it has been signed
A verbal agreement between the private seller and private buyer is not legally binding. This means that there is only a legally valid purchase once the private seller and private buyer have signed the purchase agreement. This stems from Article 7:2 of the Dutch Civil Code. A confirmation of the verbal agreement by email or a forwarded draft of the purchase agreement is also not considered a legally valid agreement.

Security deposit or bank guarantee
As Agnes Tomesen Makelaardij is affiliated with the NVM, use is made of the purchase agreement model as formulated by the NVM, VBO, the Dutch Consumers' Association (Consumentenbond) and the Vereniging Eigen Huis (Homeowners’ Association). Included as standard in this deed of sale is a security deposit or a bank guarantee amounting to 10% of the purchase price.

Sales documentation
This documentation has been carefully prepared by us, however, as a rule we are largely dependent on third parties for the accuracy of the information provided and therefore neither the seller nor we accept any liability.

In conclusion:
We appreciate that you are taking the trouble to read through the information about this property. If you wish to view the home, you are, of course, welcome to do so. Then we will show you around the house as it is currently furnished and laid out. The tour will take you through the present situation, but you may have other ideas. We are more than happy to listen to these. And we will talk to you about what you can do with the rooms and the layout so that they can be put to a new use that suits you. A lot can be achieved with limited means. This is something we are keen to make clear during the viewing.

If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us. You can do this by email or telephone. We are happy to be of service!
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Veilingweg 14, Oudenbosch foto-1
Veilingweg 14 has successfully been sold by Agnes Tomesen Makelaardij

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