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Tilburgseweg 154 B

€ 2.100.000 k.k.
Tilburgseweg 154 B, Goirle foto-0
Tilburgseweg 154 B, Goirle foto-1
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Plot surface
2.400 m²
Living surface
424 m²
1.711 m³


Sustainable villa, centrally located in the Southern Netherlands

Working for a multinational corporation in the Randstad, Antwerp, or in Brainport Eindhoven? Would you like to return home within an hour to a luxurious, green, and sustainable oasis of peace? This modern villa, located on a characteristic avenue a short distance from Tilburg’s city center, makes it possible. The residence was recently converted into a sustainable family home, with style, taste, and an eye for the environment. For example, with 49 solar panels and a heat pump, it fully meets today's energy needs.

Tilburgseweg, a lively avenue, connects the city of Tilburg and the village of Goirle. Children cycle to school, cars drive along to the nearby, but far enough, highway (A 58), and a few park their cars for a walk in the green surroundings. Old trees flanking the Tilburgseweg give the avenue a stately character. The mist hanging over the grass of some plots typifies the season. We are arriving at house number 154b. Hidden behind bushes is a villa that looked very different about a year ago. The current residents have carefully and lovingly transformed the villa. The result: a true family home that, with its light facade, accentuating wooden front, and garage doors and dark dormers, is a beautiful eye-catcher of the Tilburgseweg. Already at the front door we are imagining ourselves in another world. There is a sense of privacy and security. The sounds of birds do not only entertain by-passers but also to the residents. A squirrel speeding by breaks the reverie. The front door opens: welcome!

View of the park-like garden from all angles 

The entrance hall immediately gives an impression of the house inside. The high ceilings create spaciousness, the cement-bonded cast floor (with underfloor heating) and the tightly plastered walls provide a modern look, while the staircase of bamboo already lifts a tip of the sustainability veil. The wooden French doors accentuate an entrance in style. We are standing in the living space, with the dining area, kitchen, and the living room on the left, the part of the house where the current residents spend a lot of time: on the couch, overlooking the beautiful front garden as well as the park-like garden at the back. In the dining area, which has a covered and heated terrace as an outdoor extension; or in the kitchen, from where the chef also enjoys the park-like plot. The functional arrangement of the cooking area, finished in contemporary dark colours, is characteristic for the house. An L-shape with halfway through a cooking peninsula, providing all equipment, from pots to spices, within easy reach. From every conceivable brand of built-in appliances to more than enough storage space, including a robust granite kitchen countertop, good for a many guests to share the joint cooking fun, while others enjoy a drink at the nearby bar.

Second couch area with cosy fireplace

To the right of the French doors, a second couch area has been created. Whoever sits here has even more the feeling of living in a park. Through the facade, consisting of large windows with several sliding doors, inside and outside are literally connected. Pick up a book, settle down in front of the fireplace, and enjoy the peace and tranquillity. Or invite friends, family, or acquaintances for an evening full of atmosphere. Inside, or outside on one of the terraces in the garden. The touchpad in the living room, controlling the lighting inside and outside, heaters and electric shutters, offers extra comfort.

A master bedroom with bathroom and direct access to the garden

We are walking back to the hall, which provides access to the basement/utility room featuring a  giant vault, and to the so-called bedroom wing. Just past a pantry and the entry door to the indoor double garage, is the first bedroom on the right. With a second bedroom/office space next to it and a separate toilet plus a bathroom with shower, sink and sauna opposite. The master bedroom feels like a luxury hotel suite. There is a large en suite walk-in closet with custom cabinets. The walk-in closet also gives access to the luxurious bathroom with a stylish, free-standing bathtub, rain shower, double sink, and toilet. Alternatively, freshen up in the natural swimming pool (7 x 12 m) in the garden, which is directly accessible through the sliding doors. Swim in the early morning light, without chlorine burning in the eyes or drying out the skin.

Second floor with five characteristic (bed)rooms

During the complete renovation of the villa in 2021, the second floor underwent the biggest transformation. With the installation of several dormers and extra-large roof windows, this floor was made liveable to begin with. In addition, the floor was rearranged. Five (bed)rooms, a bathroom, a separate toilet, a laundry room, and a storage attic were created. Each room has customized characteristics. For example, the bathroom picks up the look and feel of the master bathroom on the ground floor. The largest bedroom has a magnificent view of the park-like garden in the back. Here, the old wooden beam structure of the house is visible --- just as in several other rooms on this floor: a bedroom and a large multipurpose room at the front of the house. Look out the window and you will see solar panels on the roof. On top, there are a TV room and a guest room with en suite shower, easily suggesting to host a dozen guests.


Park-like garden with natural pool, pool house, and orangery

Whoever opens one of the sliding doors and sets foot outside will undoubtedly close the beautiful park-like garden in his/her heart. This garden has everything you would expect from a comfortable backyard. Tall trees - some over a hundred years old - for privacy. Always somewhere sun - and shade. Multiple seating options, including a large lounge bed under the canopy adjacent to the master bedroom, for relaxed summer evenings. A heated natural swimming pool with a filter of water-purifying plants. A pool house with shower, toilet, and urinal. A multipurpose garden house with orangery, which, because of the adjacent forest with monumental trees, is the ideal "mancave," "she shed" or relaxation/party room for young people. In the garden house, there is also a technical room with computer-controlled installation (with Wi-Fi module) for irrigation of the entire garden with groundwater. The icing on the cake is the fire pit at the back of the garden. Surrounded by trees, with the exterior lights on and by a crackling fire: this is a wonderful place to calm down, watch the villa (and everything else) from a distance, and do nothing.

Finally, it is good to know that:

- All amenities, including restaurants and cafes, are five minutes away;

- The city of Tilburg can be reached within fifteen minutes by bike;

- The villa is conveniently located to the A58 highway;

- In the double garage, there is a Tesla-made e-charger for an electric car;

- The 49 solar panels were installed in April 2022 and have a 35-year warranty;

- There is a brand new heat pump, which, from November 2022, provides heat and hot water in the villa.

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€ 2.100.000 k.k.


House type
Villa, Detached house
Build type
Build year
Maintenance inside
Maintenance outside

Surface and volume

Living surface
424 m²
Plot surface
2.400 m²
1.711 m³




Energy label
Fully isolated
Gas fireplace, Partial heated floor, Heat pump
Nefit Topline (2010, Combined furnace, Owned)

Exterior areas

Free standing, wood
Shed facilities
electricity, water
Shed isolation
Wall insulation, Partial insulated glazing


Garage type
37 m², 597×620
electricity, electric door
Fully isolated


• Cable tv
• Solar panel
• Sliding door
• Glass fiber
• Outdoor pool
• Private parking


Tilburgseweg 154 B, 5051 AL Goirle

• Sheltered location
• In forest area

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Floor plans

Tilburgseweg 154 B, Goirle plattegrond-0
Tilburgseweg 154 B, Goirle plattegrond-1
Tilburgseweg 154 B, Goirle plattegrond-2
Tilburgseweg 154 B, Goirle plattegrond-3
Tilburgseweg 154 B, Goirle plattegrond-4
Tilburgseweg 154 B, Goirle plattegrond-5
Tilburgseweg 154 B, Goirle plattegrond-6
Tilburgseweg 154 B, Goirle plattegrond-7
Tilburgseweg 154 B, Goirle plattegrond-8
Tilburgseweg 154 B, Goirle plattegrond-9


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