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Stoeplaan 17

€ 3.850.000 k.k.
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Plot surface
1,3 ha
Living surface
513 m²
1.760 m³
Stoeplaan 17 has successfully been sold by Spirit Vastgoed

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This beautiful (more than one point three acre) estate is located in De Kieviet, one of the most prestigious residential areas in The Netherlands. It is uniquely situated close to the Wassenaar beach and only 20 minutes by car to Schiphol airport, 30 minutes by car to Amsterdam and 15 minutes by car to the centre of The Hague.

The estate features a generous lawn that transfers into a 'moss section' that is situated near a forest with a great variety of trees. Living here means you'll be one with nature: you'll have lovely strolls in your own forest, truly experience the seasons, forage for mushrooms and marvel at the birds, squirrels or the deer. With this much room, it is the ideal space to live with your family and enjoy working from home. Plus it's a great spot for large parties and events.


The property boasts a stately home (of approximately 513 square meters), with an indoor pool, and several annexes including a studio, garden house/guesthouse, a tea house, a large parking garage and a greenhouse. The fully walled garden gives a sense of security and privacy.

The estate, named 't Houten Huis ('The Wooden House'), was built in 1918 and has a rich history. Several prominent families have made this property their home in the past. Lovers of unique details and romance have come to the right place. The current owners have put love and care in the renovation and maintenance of this property. Sustainability has been invested in as well. The predominantly wooden frame of the house results in a particularly pleasant interior room climate. The large verandas make for a smooth transition from the indoor to the outside. The estate is spaciously laid out, which means many of the living and sleeping areas are located on the ground floor.

The lateral entrance to the house leads into the generous hall. The guest lavatory can be found here. The hall has access to the residential wing on one side and the wellness wing on the other side.

The residential wing.
The kitchen is centrally located in the house. The fully equipped high-gloss kitchen is fitted with a ceramic counter top with three sinks and two water sources (with one featuring a Quooker). The combination of the oak wood and the plastered walls make for a sophisticated combination.

The kitchen leads into the drawing-room situated next to the dining room. The windows grant a beautiful view of, and access to the garden. The skylights ensure the dining room has wonderful natural light. The drawing-room leads into the salon as well as the the living room.

The salon (or the so-called gentleman's room) features authentic wooden wall cladding and original ceiling finishes. This room is accentuated by an impressive fireplace with a mantle. With original oak parquet flooring. It is the perfect spot for an informal meeting or to enjoy drinks. The salon features a bay window known as the 'fondue nook'. You will find an authentic tea and drink table with a water fountain here. These elements have been brilliantly preserved.
Right next to the salon, you will find the study with the adjacent lowered TV room and lounge. From here you can enjoy beautifully tranquil views of the garden as well.

The living room is a fantastic space. The room is wonderfully bright due to the window on two sides. The fireplace makes for a cosy and warm atmosphere. The coffered ceiling is stunning and stylish. The serving hatch to the kitchen is a distinctive feature that remains visible on this side. The French doors give access to the veranda and the spacious sun deck.

From the living room you'll move on into the corridor, which can be closed off with double doors. You'll find the staircase to the first floor and the entrance to the master bedrooms and an additional bedroom with en suite bathroom. There is an additional lavatory and large storage cupboard underneath the stairs.

The master bedroom is at the far side of the house. You'll be able to reach this room through a spacious walk in wardrobe and en suite bathroom. The en suite bathroom is finished with marble, it features a corner bathtub, washbasin and designer radiator and is designed in an American fashion. The private section of this bathroom includes a hanging toilet and a shower and handbasin finished with stylish mosaic tile wall coverings and PVC flooring. The master bedroom features French doors that grant access to the garden. Waking up to enjoy the view is a true delight every morning.

The second bedroom has plenty of closet space and currently serves as a study. It can serve the purpose of a guest room very well, as it is situated across the hall from a private bathroom. This bathroom features a bathtub with a concealed radiator and washbasin.


You can reach the corridor on the first floor through the hall between the living room and master bedrooms. This corridor is pleasantly bright due to the skylight. It features fitted cupboards and a separate lavatory. The exposed beams are a unique feature. The movable ladder leads to a cool and chill loft and bedroom for the kids. The ladder can also be used to reach the attic for storage and boiler room on the other side.

From this corridor you'll reach the guest room, three additional bedrooms and the hallway to the other spaces. The two convivial, adjoining bedrooms have a private balcony. You'll feel like you're in a chalet and will enjoy the afternoon sun from as soon as early spring.

The fourth bedroom on this floor boasts a large dormer window and gorgeous detailed woodwork.

The spacious hall (with storage space) leads to the bathroom and the fifth bedroom and walk-in closet with several original cupboards. The bathroom features a walk-in shower, hanging toilet, double washbasins, a mirrored cupboard, a designer radiator and PVC flooring.

The wellness wing.
The hall downstairs near the entrance grants access to the wellness wing. First pass through the corridor with the second entrance to the premises and plenty of wardrobe space for your personal and your guest's coats. You'll find an additional door to the courtyard here as well.

Then go through the pantry with connection for the washer and dryer, counter-space and a spot for an extra refrigerator.

Then you'll reach the dressing area so you can take full advantage of the heated pool with jet streamer, sauna and bathroom with shower, toilet and washbasin.

The pool with jetstream is 1.6 metres deep and is five and a half metres in width and length. It features a
lovely mural. The space is fitted with a humidifier. The pool is accessible through the French doors from the courtyard as well. For adults it is a great way to stay in shape, whereas for children its a paradise of fun.

The pool has its own electrical groups and cupboard as well as a combination boiler with solar boiler.

The wine cellar is accessible through the enclosed courtyard. This cellar features an ideal climate for precious wines.

In addition to a carport and bicycle storage, there's also a parking garage with room for three cars within the garden walls. This garage is equipped with heating. Perfect and secure for antique cars or other special cars

The romantic garden house/guesthouse with veranda is at the most western side of the property. This pre-war guesthouse is in excellent condition and consists of a studio with a fully equipped, recently remodelled, open kitchen and bathroom with a shower and a toilet. In lockdown it was the perfect spot to work peacefully and secludedly.

The studio was previously used as staff housing as well as a garage. It is accessible both from the outside and inside of the garden walls. This annex is multi-functional and can also be repurposed as, for example, a practice space. The space has a gable roof with an attic. Two gas heaters heat up the studio. There is also a lavatory and a kitchenette.

The fully renovated tea house with renewed thatched roof is particularly lovely. This is a special addition to the lovely estate.

The spacious greenhouse offers plenty of room to grow your own plants and vegetables.

Across the property, you'll find several store rooms and storage space for, for instance, wood and roof tiles.

The gorgeous walled garden features a large lawn, which transfers into a 'moss section', bordered by a well maintained forest with over 600 trees. This is a spot that feels secure and sheltered. You're one with nature here. It'll be like taking a short stroll through your very own forest. It is a particularly great spot for the kids to play outside. This is also an ideal location for large parties and receptions.

The courtyard has plenty of terraces and sunny sports to enjoy every moment of the day. The gravel pathways with well kept borders are a lovely sight. This courtyard is a wonderfully private space to let your kids play safely. The direct access to the pool makes it even better.

All lawns and their borders feature rain systems with a deep water pump.

Outside of the garden's walls there is parking availability for several cars near the premises' entrance. You'll be able to park your own car in the carport situated next to the house. This space has a charging station for electric cars.

What more can you expect?
- The house's roof tiles have been partially re-laid and refurbished and there is an additional layer of isolation installed.
- The guest house's roof has been completely renovated.
- Two (Remeha) high efficiency boilers from 2014 (connected in parallel) to 20 solar panels for the residential wing.
- All the house's woodwork has been treated recently.
- The house's blinds are in good condition.
- Updated electrical breaker boxes.
- (Partial) parquet floor on the ground level
- The house is maintained excellently and is in great condition.

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Stoeplaan 17, Wassenaar foto-1
Stoeplaan 17 has successfully been sold by Spirit Vastgoed

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