Keizersgracht 71 /HLV, Amsterdam foto-1

Keizersgracht 71 /HLV

€ 1.000.000 k.k.
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Keizersgracht 71 /HLV, Amsterdam foto-1
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Living surface
113 m²
380 m³
Keizersgracht 71 /HLV has successfully been sold by Carla van den Brink Makelaars

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Wonderful apartment with windows of great hight, situated in a beautiful canal house (national monument) on one of the best parts of the canal.

The apartment is located on the left of the front door on the first floor and has two large windows on the canal side and two large windows at the back overlooking the inside patio which is accessible for general use.

The apartment consists of two very beautiful spaces, equipped with high ceilings. The heights are 4.25 m1 and 4.49 m1. The quality and appearance of these spaces that were originally here from the beginning, are almost intact, that is, the original wooden floors, paneling and wall decoration, ornamented ceilings and a marble fireplace in both rooms. Also the colors of ceilings and woodwork have retained the original colors, the wall decoration comes from this modern time. At the back an open kitchen and a bathroom have been realized and above that a mezzanine with spacious sleeping area and a workplace / office corner.

Everything has been recently painted and restored.

Under the kitchen you can find in the basement a large storage room with 2 small windows on the patio. The room can now only be reached via the general hall and stairs. Maybe there is the possibility to connect this via a staircase in the living room and to make an extra bedroom. In the room there is a connection for washing machine and tumble dryer.

In the basement is also the general bicycle storage.

Apart from this storage room, in the right part of the basement, a cupboard with water, gas and electricity meters is situated. Also on this side you can find a large CV loft, the CV was replaced last year.

A beautiful building with a lot of history, the building has had a lot of different functions The original building dates from 1630 and was not 5 but 3 windows wide. In 1730 a major renovation took place, from that time the broad corridor and the monumental staircase were a fact. Around 1770 the coach house was acquired to the right of the building. In the 19th century, the two buildings were contracted, creating a wide house with an 18th century hall. In the famous book with the façade drawings of all the canal houses of Caspar Philips one can see the façades before they were joined together.

The hall contains wall and ceiling sculptures of stucco, here the world parts and classical allegories are depicted, also the staircase to the floors is equipped with sculpted wooden railings. These were made in the first half of the 18th century by father and son Van Logteren, who provided several buildings on the canals and prominent villas in the country with ornaments.

The current facade is 5 wide windows wide, a spacious front door in the middle with a double pavement. The building has four residential floors and a basement. A attic at the top. Among others, a famous gentleman who lived here is Heinrich Schliemann, a shield on the façade refers to this, he is the later discoverer of Troy. It has also been a community for the Saint Louis brothers. In the canals museum the front room can be seen at the time of the brotherhood.

Together with the secret annex, the building is divided into 8 residential units and equipped with a lift.

The VVE is very active and very meticulous.

A wonderful pied-a-terre in the middle of one of the most beautiful parts of the city center, still fairly quiet, within walking distance of Central Station, the Haarlemmerdijk and Haarlemmerstraat with all possible shops, on Saturday the Noordermarkt and Lindengrachtmarkt and the market on Noordermarkt and Westerstraat on Mondays, on Wednesdays the organic market on Haarlemmerplein, besides many nice terraces and eateries, in short a perfect location for the lover of the Amsterdam city center.
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Pieter Joep van den Brink
Your Qualis-broker
Pieter Joep van den Brink
Carla van den Brink Makelaars
De Lairessestraat 123
1075 HH Amsterdam
+31 (0)20-671 72 72
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Keizersgracht 71 /HLV, Amsterdam foto-1
Keizersgracht 71 /HLV has successfully been sold by Carla van den Brink Makelaars

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